Corporate History

IntelesysOne Covenant

IntelesysOne was founded to satisfy the overwhelming desire for a company that can provide all the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure that businesses can operate at their maximum potential through the proper use of technology. IntelesysOne will become the name to which businesses look for guidance and support in managing their communications infrastructures.

IntelesysOne will accomplish this by committing to high standards of customer service and by dedicating ourselves to remaining at the forefront of new technologies as they emerge. We will treat each client with the same courtesy and respect we would show a member of our own family. We will make the interests of our clients our top priority.

We will act with integrity and diligence to guarantee that we provide unparalleled service. IntelesysOne will make certain that our employees and clients alike can be proud to be associated with our company. It is our goal to create a legacy that becomes synonymous with quality, integrity and passion.

Our History

Over 25 Years of Excellence in Technology


IntelesysOne continues its pursuit of providing the best in customer satisfaction and technology solutions.


IntelesysOne launched Hosted PBX platform to round out it’s offerings for clients who do not wish to own or manage their phone system. Coupled with our IP based phone systems and hybrid based phone systems, IntelesysOne offers an option for all forms of telephone system solutions.


IntelesysOne honored as California State University San Bernardino’s number one service-based business in the Inland Empire. This prestigious award was sponsored by the University’s business department, which searched for businesses thriving and achieving top results in their sector. Over 2,000 businesses were nominated and we were honored to be chosen.


IntelesysOne purchased a larger facility located minutes from Ontario International Airport both to accommodate our internal growth and to have quicker access to our growing nationwide market.


IntelesysOne was honored by ShoreTel as the number one customer satisfaction dealer out of over 800 dealers globally. This is the last year that ShoreTel utilized this third party customer service survey organization and we were thankful to our client base, both new and old, for providing us with such outstanding praises.


ShoreTel recognizes IntelesysOne as a world-class solutions provider, with IntelesysOne earning an overall customer satisfaction score of above 95%.


IntelesysOne, Inc. is formed to meet the overwhelming demand for advanced communications and information technology requirements in the marketplace. The IntelesysOne brand further solidifies our position as a single point-of-contact for all business technology needs, and positions the company to offer solutions and service that exceed all expectations.


ICS adds the ShoreTel IP phone system to its portfolio to provide a superior solution in the face of growing desires for IP technology in the telecom industry. ShoreTel provides a powerful, simplified system that offers its users unparalleled functionality and administration capabilities.


ICS opens a satellite office in Orange County to support its growing client base in that region.


ICS evaluates and isolates NEC America as its top telecommunications equipment vendor based on their length of experience, level of superior technology, and unsurpassed equipment quality and performance. With this partnering, ICS is able to deliver advanced telephony applications to the small and mid-level market.


ICS acquires a larger facility San Dimas, CA, where it continues to service areas from Bakersfield to San Diego with nationwide support for corporate accounts.


A permanent alliance is forged under the incorporated entity of Intelesys Communications Services Inc., creating a single company that offered local, long distance, telecommunications equipment, paging, and cellular services.


Intelesys and Mega Communications form an alliance to develop the “one-stop shop” concept. This alliance is well-received and individual company sales increase by 158% and 212%, respectively.


Intelesys Communications is formed in response to the complex environment created in the local and long-distance services market. Its goal is to help consumers choose between the local and long-distance provider.


Mega Communications logs its 10,000th sale. With a firm reputation of excellent response and customer service, Mega Communication’s customer base boasts a 99% retention rate.


Mega Communications moves to Arcadia, CA.


Company is formed in the San Fernando Valley, under the name Mega Communications, to sell and service business telephone systems.

Our Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

IntelesysOne has, from day one, committed ourselves to providing our clients with unparalleled customer satisfaction. We recognized at the beginning that we could not be a successful provider of any solution to our customers without first listening to their exact needs and tailoring our entire process around the individual requests of each and every client. Regardless of how high the quality of a product may be, or how cutting-edge the technology surrounding it is, neither matters in the absence of the value it would bring to the organization considering investing in it.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to the art of ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. It is the focus we impart on each task and project to ask, listen, and respond clearly to the needs of the businesses seeking our guidance and support in technology and communications. Just as crucial to ensuring our high level of service is that we go beyond just learning what each client needs, but why they need it and what they hope to accomplish by implementing such a solution. In doing so, we can often identify areas in the process that improve our client’s overall position, satisfy their immediate needs, and prepare them so that they are in an advantageous situation to take on future challenges.

This nearly-obsessive focus on the fulfillment of our clients’ needs has never been more apparent than now. Regularly since 2007, ShoreTel – a company who itself has a strong focus on customer satisfaction – has openly recognized IntelesysOne for our loyalty to the ideals of putting the needs of our clients first and foremost. Most recently, IntelesysOne garnered the acknowledgement from both ShoreTel and AT&T, separately, of a customer satisfaction rating of higher than 95%.

We wish to offer our clients sincere thanks for openly sharing the emphasis we’ve placed on them and we vow to continue our (sometimes fanatical) pledge to offer our customers nothing but the best in service and support.