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City of Brea chooses new VoIP platform!

The City of Brea Council voted to approve the IT departments recommendation of the IntelesysOne proposal to install a new Mitel VoIP communications system…


IntelesysOne Gives Back to the Community

Rick Balzer, President of IntelesysOne, mentors MBA students at Cal State Fullerton University to help them gain confidence and marketing skills in a real-world setting.


It’s Here. Learn Everything You Need To Know About Windows 10

From features to upgrades and more, it’s all covered here. Read more below!

Windows 10 is finally here! The anticipation is over and now all you have to wait for is that installation bar to hit 100%. While it’s installing on your devices, here’s some tips, features, and other hidden gems that you can look forward to.

Fancy Features

Window 10 is all about making the complex – simple. Their unified design has changed the way that you will use your desktop forever. Along with the updated security and overall aesthetic improvements, here are some of the new features of Windows 10:

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2014 World Class Customer Service AchievementIntelesysOne Receives ShoreTel “World-Class” Customer Service Achievement

During the 2014 Partner Year, our customers provided feedback that elevated our company to “World-Class” status. Thank you to all of our loyal customers for this amazing achievement!

Letter from ShorTel


IntelesysOne Receives ShoreTel Customer Experience Award

IntelesysOne Rated “World Class” in Customer Satisfaction by Independent Source



IntelesysOne honored as California State University San Bernardino’s number one service-based business in the Inland Empire. This prestigious award was sponsored by the University’s business department, which searched for businesses thriving and achieving top results in their sector. Over 2,000 businesses were nominated and we were honored to be chosen number one based on their research and interview criteria.

SPAMAlways search a company before clicking into an E-mail! Here is a useful spam PSA and how to avoid computer hacking–

SkillPages Email Spamming: A Warning, a Story, an Apology, & a P.S.A.

Telepacific fights “Major Attack” on its network

Federal authorities might be investigating an act of “cyber-terrorism” on TelePacific Communications’ network after the company suffered a major disruption last week that left many of its “SmartVoice” customers without the ability to make and receive calls.

The “unprecedented attack” on the network occurred March 24 and March 25, TelePacific President and CEO Dick Jalkut wrote in a letter dated Monday to his SmartVoice customers.

Los Angeles-based TelePacific has engaged the FBI’s cyber attack division to attempt to identify the source of the attack, Jalkut said.

“This event, which has been determined to be a cyber-criminal act, was from an external source that circumvented the normal protocol and prevention methods recommended by our vendors Broadsoft and Acme Packet and followed by those in our industry, including TelePacific,” Jalkut said.

Laura Eimiller, a spokesperson with the FBI in Los Angeles, said the agency cannot comment about specific cases.

But she said “the FBI reviews allegations and evidence of cyber crime when brought to its attention and initiates investigations where warranted.”

The attack affected TelePacific’s “SmartVoice” service, an SIP (session initial protocol)-based offering that allocates bandwidth to voice traffic.

Jalkut said the “cyber attack choked our servers and resulted in a significant loss of service to customers – in most cases an inability to make and receive calls.” But the attack did not impact customers’ Internet or data services.

Jalkut said the company confirmed the attack was originating from an external source when the network suffered another attack on Friday, March 25. He said the company restored service that afternoon by implementing additional security configurations on its “session border controllers” that police traffic on the network.

Whether the attack on TelePacific’s network actually constituted an act of cyber terrorism remains to be seen.

“In the absence of formal charges, it would generally be premature to characterize a computer intrusion as a terrorist or criminal in nature,” the FBI’s Eimiller said.

Jalkut noted TelePacific plans to share information related to the events during upcoming industry forums.

TelePacific did not provide further comments on the investigation when asked by Channel Partners for additional information.

Federal authorities take cyber crimes very seriously. In a speech last year in San Francisco, FBI Director Robert Mueller said “a cyber attack could have the same impact as a well-placed bomb.”

Are businesses creating their own “YouTubes”?

HD video giant LifeSize communications, recently acquired by Logitech, is bringing a new twist to video conference users, the ability to use your video conference units as a mini production studio, complete with a web based archive system allowing videos to be accessed on demand and as many times as needed.

Where video has traditionally been a site to site, or site to multi site thought process, the video center now allows a way for clients to document any meetings they want, allow for streaming of the content out to hundreds of users, and an easy format to keep the video content available long term for future reference or training.

How many times have you been to a great meeting or great training, only to wish you would have recorded it? Now with the proper setup, anyone conducting a meeting can simply push a record button and their whole meeting, including any content shown on a laptop will be recorded for future access.

The applications for this technology span from sales training, to technical training, to HR policy review. Furthermore the impact in business sectors such as educational and training rich environments is far reaching. Imagine a teacher publishing every lecture on a web portal for students around the world to view over and over again at their convenience. Or the company with a geographically dispersed sales force who can now introduce new products and sales techniques to their teams at the click of a gdlr_button

Video has been a technology that many businesses have struggled on how to use in their day to day operations. Thanks to the proliferation of technologies like YouTube, that struggle may be one step closer to being solved.