What You Can Get with a Business Phone System

Office Worker Using New Business Phone SystemsBusiness Phones are the Way to Go

If your business has one location and serves twenty people each day, you probably don’t need an integrated system, but when your business venture grows, you’re going to have to consider upgrading your phone system to something that will better fit your needs as a growing business. Adding an integrated phone system to your business means that you will have a foundation for effective communication across your business.

Standard Phones

Though the vast majority of business phones are anything but a simple phone with a keypad, this is always a possibility. Whatever you seek in a business phone, you’ve got a variety of options, and great features to choose from. It goes without saying that you’ll want Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Transfers, but you may also want to consider investing in a system that allows you to check your voicemail via internet, and an address book that allows you to search or scroll. Even if your company is relatively small, imagine needing to check your voicemail, but needing to be across town in a few minutes. You can both check your voicemail and make sure that it gets to the right person when you’ve invested in a mobile connection to your integrated system. Imagine being able to forward that voicemail elsewhere in your business to the person for whom it was meant, or needs some of the important information contained in the call. Now imagine being able to do that from your own mobile phone. Your business doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve left to run an errand.

Uncompromised Clarity

Traditional phone lines may crackle and and go in and out, VoIP is as strong as the internet connection. Even if your internet connection isn’t very good, a satellite connection via a wireless card can be used to create an opportunity for a personal abroad to telecommute, or participate in a business call. The only requisite is an internet connection, and with that, you will save your business money and frustration with high international call fees.  

Immediate, Short-, and Long-Term Solutions

Daily and simple office operations will always benefit from adding an integrated business phone system. Business phones can come with a large variety of specialized features that make things run more smoothly, including the operation of the phones themselves. Since phones are rarely relegated to simple calls, phones with interactive screens are gaining popularity. Your phone system will, of course, allow you to store numbers in a short-term memory bank for call redials, and have the capability to facilitate transfers and conference calls. Screens on the phones, however, can make large conference calls more efficient, and assist meeting leaders with conferencing in latecomers. Call recording also has a place in integrated systems, as well as a role in dispute resolution, and calls can be stored on databases that are exclusive to your company.

Great Support

None of these excellent features come without support. Even for older model phones, support is integral to the peace of mind of business owner and operators. Sometimes unexpected events can cause communication in your business to go down temporarily. This can have an effect on your sales, your efficiency, and possibly your security. Your phone system company can assist you in creating a business communication continuity plan, which will have you up and running sooner, or help you to carry on with business in the event of an outing.

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