Caring for your Business Phone

Coffee Spills Near Business PhonesCaring for Your Office Phones Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

If you’re growing your business, or if you’re already established, you’re definitely aware of how important your office technology is to your success. Without it, things will be lost, things won’t be securely stores, client contacts can be deleted, and you may even need to shut down as a result! The days of being able to store everything that you need for a successful business in a file cabinet are long gone. Your business deserves the best phone systems available, and the best phone systems are easy to get through IntelesysOne. Once you’ve gotten your great new system, though, there are little things that you will need to do to help your system help you. If you have never cared for your office equipment before, it’s actually quite easy, and more people are able to care for their office equipment effectively than realize they can.

Clean Equipment

Though you’ll want to keep your office equipment away from water, and the inevitable coffee and tea cups, you will need to clean your office equipment. If you’re wondering why your office phone system’s hardware would need to be cleaned, there are two important reasons. The first, and most important, is the human element. Using a non-staining disinfectant spray will make your office a healthier place by killing illness-causing viruses and bacteria. Less people out of the office with the flu or a cold means more work getting done. Another reason to use a cleaner for your business phone system is to clean off skin oils, dust, and debris that has gathered on your equipment, and may degrade the exterior surface. Making sure that the area around your business phones is dry, clear, and well-ventilated matters in the care of your equipment.

Keep Beverages Away

It goes without saying for most people, but be conscientious of your beverages around all of your electronic office equipment, including your business phone system. Too often, we get in a rush, and accidentally knock our beverages over onto our phones and keyboards. This can cause your electronics to short out, and might damage your equipment beyond repair. If this happens, call your service provider immediately. They may be able to help you, but simply using cups that have leak-fee lids can bring your better peace of mind.

Check Power Sources

If your business is located in an older building, it may be necessary to have your circuits inspected. Having your electrical systems inspected will give you an idea of what could be a risk to your business operations. A circuit system that doesn’t have the necessary ability to power your business could slow you down later. If your outlets look older or outdated, be careful before plugging in your brand-new desktop, as high-drain devices can negatively impact weak electrical systems.   

If You’re Having Trouble, Call Your Service Provider

If you’re having trouble with your business phone system, your best resource will be to first check with your operations guides, of course, but for advanced troubleshooting, you will need to get in touch with your service provider. Your service provider should be available to you all day and all night, every day and every night.

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