ShoreTel releases milestone VoIP platform update for existing customers

IntelesysOne is excited to announce the much-awaited general release of the ShoreTel Connect platform! This is now available to all ShoreTel clients with a current support agreement!

Confirming ShoreTel’s commitment to protect your investment, your existing ShoreTel system can be upgraded to the new platform with access to all the recently-developed feature and tools.  The new benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • a more-integrated user experience with intuitive collaboration tools
  • native integration with Skype for Business
  • the ability to migrate an existing ShoreTel system fully to the CLOUD, or implement a hybrid cloud-premise model for flexibility
  • simplified access for your team to connect remotely
  • stronger security for an ever-evolving landscape
  • updated administration interface for better ease-of-management

ShoreTel Connect represents a major step forward in features, interface, and usability.  IntelesysOne is ready to assist clients with a readiness assessment for the platform upgrade.

Scheduling Your Upgrade

To begin the Connect upgrade process please send an emailed request to, with the subject line:  ShoreTel Connect upgrade request.  Our service team will reach out to you to discuss scheduling and verify that all prerequisites are met to facilitate your upgrade.

(Eligibility for the upgrade to the latest ShoreTel Connect platform is dependent, in part, on your organization’s software support status, server age and capability, license compliance, and overall account standing.  Our team will work with you to ensure you meet all eligibility requirement prior to the upgrade.)

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