Technology Training

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Although rarely considered, this area should never be overlooked. IntelesysOne recognizes that proper training is essential to any successful technology implementation. We strive to deliver a personal and productive training experience. Our dedicated training program focuses on providing comprehensive training for both end-users and administrators.

User-End Training

Our end-user training is conducted at your facility, and offers an interactive learning experience. All staff are highly encouraged to attend one of the courses. IntelesysOne trainers are certified and dedicated to making each class a productive experience. Because no two companies are alike, the training is customized to your organization. We give special attention to the features and functionality that are most crucial to you. This includes documentation for your staff and live equipment for a “hands on experience.” Our goal is to ensure that your staff is well prepared to use the technology that you invested in.

Administrator training provides key staff members with the tools necessary to manage the system, and the ability to easily conduct moves, adds, and changes.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial implementation. We offer ongoing training to ensure your organization is well prepared and comfortable with your new system now and for years to come!

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