Bandwidth Management

Improving Your Bandwidth

From single site to complex WANs with multiple sites and internet connections, IntelesysOne helps organizations of all types cut down on the time, effort, and costs that come from being connected to the internet.

When you go with bandwidth and network management from IntelesysOne, you’ll get:

  • Better network performance, stability, and reliability
  • Apps that feel like they’re real
  • Free flowing mission-critical traffic that doesn’t bottleneck
  • The fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive method for managing traffic
  • Full control over inappropriate traffic
  • A more open network and culture without compromising security, key data, or important traffic
  • A better return on your current bandwidth investment
  • A solution built for the future of internet development

Your network supports your most valuable assets – Your people, the applications and data your people use to drive your business. Take control of your network and get real time and historical visibility of your network and how it is being used. Industry data shows about that on average, streaming media and file sharing alone account for over 30% of businesses’ traffic. We’re guessing that more HD video of cats probably isn’t the ideal outcome of your investment in bandwidth.

Control the 4 Main Types of Traffic on your Network:

  1. Inappropriate Traffic
    Consists of unwanted traffic, content or users that must be blocked, including web based threats. Common Examples: Malware, Pornography, Violence, P2P Applications, Unauthorized Mobile Devices, etc.
  2. Recreational Traffic
    Consists of the “everything else” traffic, content, and users that doesn’t cause alarm but that aren’t important to organizational success. Common Examples: Streaming Media, iCloud,, Spotify, Facebook, BYOD, etc.
  3. Relevant Traffic
    Consists of business operations traffic, content, and users like business software and services, often found on Cloud or otherwise hosted environments. Common Examples: CRMs, Skype,, Connected Equipment (Copiers, Postal Machines, etc.),, etc.
  4. Critical Traffic
    Consists of traffic, content, and users that affect revenue production and management and that fundamentally depend on a high performing Internet. Common Examples: Hosted Billing Systems, Cloud-Based ERPs, Order Fulfillment, etc.

Bandwidth Management Benefits:

  • Instead of just adding more bandwidth – Get a factual analysis of the traffic being used and determine if more bandwidth is truly needed.
  • Monitor your Network among multiple sites to determine if your Service Provider is truly providing the bandwidth described in the Service Level Agreement being paid.
  • Monitor and receive an alert on any Application or Network issues.

Solutions for exceptional performance of business-critical applications. By bringing together server-based application performance insight, network-based application performance insight, and comprehensive end-user experience monitoring. These solutions enable customers to easily find and fix performance issues in the application, through the network, to the end user. This broad and granular level of visibility gives customers all the insight they need to see across web, mobile and cloud-delivered applications to identify tough performance bottlenecks. With full stack application performance insight, you know how your applications are performing in real-time and can assure fast, consistent delivery to important end users.

To learn more about these valuable tools as well as our network and bandwidth management services, contact our experts today!