Cable Management

cable management

A high percentage of the problems experienced with voice, data and video transmission can be traced to connectivity. A well-designed cabling system will optimize performance and reliability, giving you everything you need for expansion as your company grows.

Category 3:

The standard interface for phone system connections and analog data connections, such as modems and fax machines.

Category 5e:

Presently the industry standard for 10 base and 100 base networks. Intelesys can provide full network cabling, including hubs, switches, jacks, cables, and routers.

Category 7:

The next generation cabling designed to work in environments requiring more than 100 base T network speed. Although quite costly, this cabling can set a business up for future growth.

Fiber Optic:

Fiber optic is typically employed when data transmission speed requirements are extremely high, or distance of greater than 3,000 feet are required between network connections.

Cable and wireless infrastructure is a key component in the foundation of how your business grows. Everything must be properly maintained for optimal connectivity and reliability. Contact our experts for more details about our cable and wireless management services!