Carrier Management

“What are carriers slipping past us on our monthly bill?”

“Which carriers can deliver services to our locations?”

“Is high speed Fiber available in our area?”

Many companies feel vulnerable to large carriers and their complex billing practices. Expecting telcos to police themselves or go out of their way to help you is probably not realistic. If you want greater control over telecom expenses and utilization, you need an experienced partner. Through IntelesysOne’s carrier management process, we provide comprehensive end-to-end support and management of carriers to keep them accountable for every cost. Carrier Management from IntelesysOne improves reliability, increases performance, is cost efficient AND hassle free!

The Benefits of Carrier Management:

  • Carrier choice and design based on client needs
  • Carrier choice and design based on client needs
  • Redundancy is encouraged
  • Flat per month fee paid by carrier, no up front bonus
  • Allegiance is towards the client, not the carrier
  • Implemented by experienced project managers
  • Designed with 3rd party vendor requirements in mind
  • Carrier management leverage with carriers represents 1,000’s of accounts
  • Only profitable with long term relationships
  • Encourage and promote natural bid cycle
  • Encourage new, better technologies such as fiber

Our Carrier Management process is broken down into 4 different steps:

  • Step 1. The Audit
  • Step 2. Address Qualification & Carrier Bids
  • Step 3. Implementation
  • Step 4. Ongoing Carrier Management

Step 1: The Audit

By taking an audit, we are able to see the areas of oversubscriptions, redundant and unused features, mismatched calling plans, improper phone system configuration, voice-data convergence opportunities, non-aggregated bills that increase certain fees, carrier billing errors, available promotions that aren’t being used, any plans for changing or upgrading the phone systems hardware and/or software, and puts you right on track for a perfect implementation.


Step 2: Address Qualification & Bids

We seek out information from carriers, and analyze everything finding you the best carrier for your qualifications.

Step-2- Address-Qualification

Step 3: Implementation

After the address and bids have been submitted, there is a 5 day window for credit processing and the Sales Engineer assignment. Once assigned, the Sales Engineer has 3-5 days to prepare the order and send it to Order Processing. This stage includes designing the circuit layout, and preparing the LNP list. Once submitted to Order Processing, there is a 5 day window to obtain an order number, which is required to order the circuit. After the circuit is ordered, it usually takes about one week to receive an FOC date for circuit delivery. This time is included in the normal circuit delivery waiting period. 15 days for circuit delivery is a conservative estimate. Deliveries usually occur in shorter intervals. Any changes to the LNP request need to be finalized 3 days before the circuit is delivered, to allow for necessary approval. Once the circuit is delivered, there is a 1 to 3 day window prescribed to allow for final testing to ensure circuit is prepared for turn-up. Once testing is completed, the circuit will be released for activation and port. As long as the LNP list was confirmed 3 days prior to circuit installation, and testing is proved clean, the cut can immediately occur.


Step 4: Ongoing Management

The rest is simple! An easy, and hassle-free ongoing management of your carrier provided by IntelesysOne.


For more information about how our carrier management services can improve your business, contact the experts of IntelesysOne today!