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Managed Web Services

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Don’t like to be held within restricting limits? Nor do we. But we do understand the importance of a reliable Internet host to your business and your customers. That’s why, as a complimentary service to all our Rainshadow clients, we offer our best-in-class unlimited managed hosting solution. IntelesysOne will fully manage your hosting requirements, ensuring that your content is available when and where you need it. Furthermore, we’ll make sure you don’t feel limited by storage and bandwidth restrictions by automatically increasing your resources for free as you require.

So, what does Managed Web Services mean? Simply put, it means that you don’t have to do anything on your own to manage your website if you choose not to. IntelesysOne continually monitors and maintains the network of servers that are home to all our clients. We make sure that you have the right tools available to host anything from a simple “who we are” company site to a fully interactive web portal with rich multi-media content.

High Availability and High Accessibility

IntelesysOne takes care of all configuration and routing that is required between the domain registrar, our hosting servers, and any internal public servers you operate such as mail servers and application servers that provide a web interface. You won’t have to worry about MX records, DNS routing, and server propagation. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your Internet presence is powered by one of the most comprehensive feature sets available, served with reliable 99.999% up-time guaranteed from our hosting data center in Houston, Texas.

Ease of Administration

With network management from IntelesysOne, it only makes sense to extend that to your public infrastructure as well. Allowing us to administer both cooperatively provides you with quick response times, minimal downtime, and confidence that you are getting the best support available.

Secure & Reliable

Your web-accessible data is maintained on powerful web servers in a state-of-the-art data center, ensuring that our information is always available to those who need it, and safe from anyone who shouldn’t have it.

  • Fantastico Script Engine-All hosting accounts come with the amazing Fantastico engine, providing an array of popular pre-built scripts and applications you can integrate with your website. Or, use Fantastico to develop a new site from scratch.
  • Host Unlimited Sites-Whether your company is home to a single website or ten, we don’t put a limit to the number of sites you can host under your account like others often do.
  • An Integrated Professional Team-When you combine the enterprise-class management of your internal network with the limitless options of web hosting with IntelesysOne, you’ll find that you receive a much higher level of service with your web-based content. The benefit of maintaining a single point-of-contact for all your technologies becomes quickly apparent.

For more details about our hosting services, contact the experts of IntelesysOne today to see how our network management can help improve your business!