Network Analysis

Comprehensive Intelligence About Your Network

IntelesysOne believes that starting with an understanding of what is on your network is critical. Our network analysis and assessment involves a thorough and comprehensive evaluation that helps you see, in many cases for the very first time, a precise and accurate representation of the health and performance of your network.

At the end of the network analysis and assessment process, you will receive a custom report that will provide a unique insight into the performance of specific applications on your network, along with recommended strategies for resolving any performance issues that the assessment has revealed.

The following are some of the critical areas that are included in our study:
young handsome business man  engeneer in datacenter server room

  • Network Topology & Design
  • Infrastructure
  • Network Equipment
  • Corporate LAN & Applications
  • Terminal Services & Workstations
  • Security & Virus Protection
  • Software & Licensing
  • Compliance
  • Virtualization
  • WAN & Carrier Services

Improving Your Network

A network analysis & assessment is a great first step in addressing the challenges faced by IT professionals seeking to maximize the return on their network investments for business application delivery. Your custom report will help you quickly identify critical problem areas, measure overall network performance, manage bandwidth, identify vulnerabilities that exist in your current environment and ultimately align IT initiatives with those across other functional areas of your business. Reports are presented through pie charts, bar graphs, tables and charts, and other formats that, in a very obvious and very visual way, help you clearly understand what’s happening across your network and the best way to solve performance issues and accelerate applications.

Without a comprehensive network assessment, organizations cannot determine the broad effect that unidentified problem areas may have on network-wide performance. In other words, you can’t intelligently manage or control what you can’t see.

IntelesysOne is proud to offer full network management and analysis services to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.