Online Backup Services

Is your data backed up? Of companies that have experienced catastrophic data loss:

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  • 43% of companies never reopened
  • 51% of companies closed within 2 years
  • 75% of companies without business continuity plans fail within 3 years

From small businesses to large corporations, the critical task of data backup can be an expensive and challenging endeavor. Fortunately, IntelesysOne has made enterprise backup possible for everyone with an affordable, secure network management solution that’s simple to manage and even easier to use. IntelesysOne has partnered with EMC Mozy, a trusted leader in remote backup solutions, to provide you with an enterprise-class answer to ensuring that your vital data is always safe.

Your company will appreciate the way IntelesysOne’s backup solution seamlessly integrates into your organization’s existing infrastructure, and the fact that it doesn’t require any additional capital expense for tapes, CDs, or hardware. System Features Open/Locked File Support- No need to close files in order to back them up, as all open and locked files are backed up, including Exchange and SQL databases.

Online Backup Options and Features:

128-bit SSL Transport Encryption

Safely secures all your data during transport.

448-bit Blowfish Encryption

Safely secures all your data on data center servers.

Automatic/Scheduled Backups

Specify when to perform backups. Automatic is the simplest method, when the machine in not in use. Scheduled backups can be performed at a specific time of day either daily or weekly.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

IntelesysOne’s remote backup solution automatically detects and backs up new and changed files every 2 hours.

Block Level Incremental Backups

Saves bandwidth by backing up only the changed portions of each file and ensures future backups are lightning fast.

Bandwidth Throttles

Throughout the day, you can specify how much of your upload bandwidth to use for backups so other high priority services can run unimpeded.

Version (Snapshot) Support

You have the option of restoring from multiple file versions up to 30 days in the past to ensure that you always have the revision of the file you need.

Encryption Key Options

You have the choice of using Mozy’s own 448-bit key or managing your own private key to encrypt your data.

System Benefits Reliability

You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your data is backed up using the highest standards of reliability.


While other backup solutions are limited by storage constraints. IntelesysOne can easily scale to accommodate virtually unlimited numbers of files instantly as your needs grow.

Feature Rich, Intuitive

Not only will you appreciate the robust set of features, end users will appreciate the intuitive, simple-to-use interface as well.

Intuitive User Interface

The easy-to-use interface provided by IntelesysOne’s backup solution was designed with the “non-tech-savvy” user in mind. It’s as simple as selecting the files to backup, scheduling the times, and allowing the software to do the rest.

Status Screen

The status of your backup can be easily monitored by right clicking on the Mozy icon in the system tray and selecting “Status.” The status screen also allows you to manually start your backup or launch the configuration tool.


You can choose to be automatically alerted by email when a backup has not been successfully completed in a specified number of days.

Web or Shell Restore Options

User has the option to restore from either a web interface on any computer, or from the shell interface on the protected machine itself.

Backup Monitoring

IntelesysOne keeps a watchful eye on the status of all backup sets to ensure that each is completing successfully, regularly, and without error. Should we observe a situation that needs attention, we will immediately take steps to address the issue.

Standard or Customizable Backup Sets

Backup sets have been pre-built for the most common file types. By default, each of the pre-built backup sets that pertain to your files will be selected for backup. If the size of the backup exceeds your quota, you may deselect sets until you are within your allowance. Advanced users or IntelesysOne may edit the pre-built sets or create custom sets to best suit your company’s needs.

Mass Data Recovery

Should recovery of your data over your broadband connection ever be prohibitive due to time constraints or sheer volume of data, IntelesysOne can have a DVD set of your data delivered to your doorstep overnight.

Phone and Email Support

IntelesysOne’s Solutions Desk is able to assist you with any questions you have regarding your backups to ensure that you always feel confident about the integrity and safety of your company’s most valuable asset-your data.

Our Web Based Admin Console Allows You to:

  • Create sub-administrators
  • View individual user account usage, history and stats.
  • View aggregate account usage, history, and stats.
  • Change account status (cancel, disable, or enable any account)
  • Reset account passwords
  • View and distribute keys
  • Customize individual or group configuration settings

World Class Datacenter

  • 24x7x365 on-site monitoring and security
  • Seismic bracing and slider bearings
  • 14x Redundant Power Distribution Units
  • 6x Redundant 500 KVA Liebert UPS
  • 3x Redundant 1750 KVA Diesel Generators

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