VoIP Phones

Benefits of Voice Over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems make all communications even easier for your business. With a VoIP phone you have the ability to integrate all of your business communication systems. VoIP also has the ability to connect with software on your computer and can unify your business phone and instant messaging needs. In fact, VoIP has the ability to take a voicemail message and turn it into an email message.

VoIP is also particularly beneficial for international travel. Your business does not need to worry about paying any huge fees for an international call. As long as the employee who is traveling has their computer or smartphone connected to the internet, they can make a phone call using their computer or smartphone without needing to worry about any extra fees.

IntelesysOne and VoIP Phones

IntelesysOne has partnered with ShoreTel, a leader in telecommunications, to help businesses with their phone systems. We can provide the highest quality VoIP phones that are currently in the market. Discuss your business needs with one of our professionals and we can ensure that your company has everything that it needs to succeed.

Take a look at our VoIP phones and how they can help you here. If you are interested in installing a VoIP Phone system for your business, call on IntelesysOne!


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Advanced Call Recording

Improve your business’s ability to resolve disputes, coach agents and minimize liability with advanced call recording technology from ShoreTel.