ShoreTel Communicator

Communicator #1

Unified Communications and Your Business

At IntelesysOne, we know that a growing business has many tasks and channels of commutation every day. With advancing technology, it may take a lot of effort to keep up, which is why we are pleased to offer a system that is unlike any other. We want to make managing all of your businesses communications via mobile and computer easily accessible through ShoreTel communicator.

Simplify your daily tasks with the seamless switching between video, IM, or voice and managing real-time communication. This intellectual interface makes it easier to stay in the loop with your busy work schedule. With its versatility for mobile and computer uses, it brings functionality, communication and collaboration to a new level of ease and efficiently. ShoreTel phone systems are transforming the way business communicates.


ShoreWare® Communicator is a Unified Communications end-user application suite, which includes:

  • ShoreWare Personal Communicator
  • ShoreWare Professional Communicator
  • ShoreWare Operator Communicator
  • ShoreWare Mobile Communicator

Each application offers your organization a way to empower your users to communicate via video, voice (wired or wireless) or IM, streamlining business communications, improving communication accuracy, and enhancing overall end user productivity.

With ShoreWare Communicator, ShoreTel offers unprecedented ease and flexibility. ShoreWare Communicator provides easy licensing, easy set up, flexible features, telephony and IM control, integrated advanced call management, quality desktop video and a highly customizable interface.

Highlights of ShoreTel Communicator:

  • Find and connect to people fast
  • Know who is available, and by what means
  • See who’s calling or sending an IM
  • Utilize IM and open up more opportunities to communicate
  • Manage voicemail and contacts through Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Conduct clear, person-to-person video calls
  • Access all key features in one window with tabbed contents
  • Keep mobile workers reachable, anytime, anywhere
  • Minimize end user training with a single, customizable interface

To learn more about how ShoreTel phone systems will be a great advantage to your business, contact our specialists at IntelesysOne today!