ShoreTel Management

Business Man Pointing At Cloud ComputingProtect Your Investment

You’ve done all the research and wisely invested in one of the finest communication systems on the market. What are you doing now to ensure that your ShoreTel continues to perform as it was intended? Similar to a fine automobile, your ShoreTel phone system needs regular care and attention if you want it to continue to meet the high standards of availability it has become renowned for.

As the only ShoreTel Partner nationwide to offer S.T.O.R.M Protection, IntelesysOne can deliver consistent peace of mind by providing the time and consideration necessary to ensure that your ShoreTel performs at its peak.

24/7/365 Monitoring Of Your ShoreTel System

Our team of ShoreTel experts will continually monitor the health and status of your system. Through constant analysis we can detect potential problems before they occur, giving us the opportunity to resolve them before they ever affect your business.

Unlimited Remote Support

While others may charge you between $75 and $200 per hour to add a user or answer a programming question, we know that the issues such as these require little effort on our part. We don’t want to discourage you from getting the assistance you need because it costs too much. So unless we have to dispatch a technician to help you, regular support is provided at no additional charge.

Server Backup Service

In the information world, it’s not a matter of if data loss will occur, but when. The data stored on your ShoreTel server(s) is vital to the operation of your business. That’s why we automatically backup that data to our secure datacenter, ensuring that you ever lose the information that keeps your system running.

Production Of Your On-Hold Media

With ShoreTel’s ability to integrate with the latest in on-hold technology it would be ideal for you to take advantage of it using high-quality digital media. To make the transition cost-effective for you we will provide you with a complimentary and custom production every year. Our professional studio team can script and record messages using a variety of voices and music to create the perfect reflection of your business.

Complimentary Rate-Finder Service

IntelesysOne has developed strategic relationships allowing us to offer you Master Agent pricing for the nation’s top 20 telecom service providers. As a complimentary service to you, we can provide complete comparisons among carriers so that you can always maintain the best rates and programs for your company.

Support Liaison To Your Carrier

We speak telecom, so we make it easy on you by working with your carrier o ensure that any changes or issues are handled properly and professionally. Eliminate “finger-pointing” when support is needed and come directly to us. We’ll see that the proper parties get involved to ensure a quick resolution.

Discounted On-Site And Emergency Rates

There will come times when an IntelesysOne technician needs to visit your site. Since we’re already managing your system we can eliminate some of the costs that are inherent to on-site support. We pass that savings to you by discounting our support rates by 30%. (Some restrictions and limitations apply).

For more information about the ShoreTel management services offered by IntelesysOne, contact us today and see how your business can benefit!