ShoreTel Phones

Black ShoreTel Phone


Ideal For: General Office Use, Receptionists, Executive Assistants

The ShoreTel BB424 is an extremely useful tool for operators, receptionists, assistants and supervisors alike thanks to its single button access and large display. It has advanced telephony features including: transfer, silent monitor, barge in, and 24 programmable buttons.

ShoreTel Black Business Phone System


Ideal For: General Office Use, Common Area, Lobbies

The ShoreTel IP420 is an all purpose, easy-to-use phone has a large, high-contrast display and 6 feature buttons including: transfer, conference, hold, redial/history, and voicemail.

ShoreTel Business Phone


Ideal For: General Office Use, Teleconferencing

The ShoreTel IP480g offers 8 line appearances displayed on an easy-to-read screen, along with call history and visual voicemail. Can be shared with a desktop computer through an integrated ethernet port. Comes standard with duplex speakerphone and headset jack.

ShoreTel Business Phone System


Ideal For: General Office Use, Teleworkers

The ShoreTel IP485g is an eight-line phone for the advanced professional. It has a a large backlit color display, visual voicemail, and unlimited alphanumeric lookup with first and last name sorting. It also has six feature keys, five soft keys, and an integrated headset jack.

Black Business Phone


Ideal For: Receptionists, Executive Assistants, General Office Use

The ShoreTel IP930D is a three-line phone that offers users the freedom to move freely throughout their workplace. With an integrated headset jack and 12 hours of talk time, these phones are great for small to mid-size enterprises.

ShoreTel Business Phone Systems


Ideal For: Conference Calls

The IP655 is ShoreTel’s most advanced telephone. With 12-line appearances, a large color touch screen, and advanced microphone technology, expect superb speakerphone quality for small to mid-size conference rooms.

ShoreTel Dock

shoretel dock




Updated Phone Systems

ShoreTel Phone Systems offers IP phones, also known as VoIP phones (voice over internet protocol), and docking stations for smart phones and tablets to suit every type of business user: from executives, to operators, to remote workers, to call center supervisors. VoIP phones are paving a new path to the way we look at long distance phone calls. Because VoIP phones use the Internet rather than landlines as a means of communication, it is changing the phone/Internet industry in a dynamic way. This revolutionary technology is becoming more popular since it is easy, effective and virtually free, avoiding the phone company charges altogether.

VoIP Phones and Your Business

A couple of advantages that VoIP phones have over traditional phones is that they are adaptable and can be used anywhere with broadband, making it easy to travel for business, as well as the pricing, as they are less expensive than traditional phones.

Because some phone companies charge for extra features, VoIP phones have the advantage, as they do not charge for features such as:

  • Three-way calling
  • Call transfers
  • Calling waiting
  • Repeat dialing
  • Caller ID
  • Checking voicemail through the Internet

An integral and ergonomic part of ShoreTel’s VoIP telephony solution, ShoreTel phones come preconfigured, dramatically reducing the time required to deploy your VoIP business telephone system. And because ShoreTel phone systems interoperate with ShoreTel Communicator, it is easy to extend the reach and features of ShoreTel’s business VoIP solution well beyond the walls of the office.

For more details and information about the ShoreTel phones that we offer, download our brochure and contact us today! Our specialists would be more than pleased to speak with you about any questions you may have regarding ShoreTel phone systems or VoIP phones!